Finding Comfort and Peace on Your Terms, as You Face the End of Your Life

Find help that allows you to live your life with joy, peace and comfort, when your remaining time is brief.

coachingPrivate coaching helps you determine what to accomplish now, how to find joy even if time is brief, how to talk with others about your wishes, and more.

speaking: How to talk about dyingHow to Talk About Dying is a presentation for caregivers and family members. Look at how we can talk with a dying person to better know the individual’s wishes for quality of life.

Your Well Finished Life: Finding comfort and peace on your terms when facing the end of your lifeYour Well Finished Life: Finding Comfort and Peace on Your Terms, When Facing the End of Your Life

If you have come to accept that your time on earth must soon end, this is a personal guide for you. With compassion and care, it helps you think through the time that remains, and how you want to live it.

Simple steps guide you in planning for your physical comfort, doing what brings you joy, and talking about what you need. Find out more…