Day 10 of Joy

Today is the last post in our 10 day series. It’s New Year’s Eve! Today’s joy post could only be about finding joy in new beginnings. A new beginning doesn’t have to happen when the calendar tells us there is a momentous event, such as a birthday, new year, or even a new month.

Every day is a new beginning with the possibility of finding joy! .

Resolutions fail often because they are too large a goal and something that is hard to maintain. What if your resolution for 2015 was to find joy in every day. Each day you have the opportunity to start over and find a new joy. How much happier would your life be if you found something joyful in each and every day? I challenge you to try and find out!

Keep finding your joy and never give up. If you fail one day, remember, tomorrow is a new beginning.

Finding Joy!

Day 9 of Joy

While spending some time outside, I heard the song of a lovely bird and saw beautiful flowers growing in the cold weather. There is so much beauty and joy in nature, if we just look and listen around us. I often miss the beauty around me. The cars on the road mute the song of the birds. I spend more time inside than I should, and I miss the blooming flowers and beautiful trees. So, I have been spending a bit more time looking for the joy in nature, and finding it. Can you spend some time and enjoy the nature around you?

Finding Joy

Day of Joy 8

I find a lot of comfort and joy in the quiet of the morning. While I don’t love getting up, I do love being outside walking my dog in the morning. It is quiet (usually) and I can just be present in the moment walking around with her. Weekend or work at home mornings are the best. There is no pressure to move faster or worry about the time we spend outside. These aren’t long walks, but they bring me the joy of being present in the quiet morning. I hope you find some joy in nature today!

Day 7 of Joy

Merry Christmas! For those, who celebrate Christmas, this is a day often spent with family and friends. Joy should be abundant, because we we take the time to be with the ones we love. We make an extra effort to be nice to one another, we show more compassion than normal, and we try to enjoy our time together. Normally, each of us gets lost in our every day lives. We are often too busy to connect in a real and meaningful way. On this holiday, be joyful of the time you spend with those you care about. This connection and making meaningful memories is the real joy of the holiday season.

Find your joy today!

Day 6 of Joy

The gift of time. At this time of year, many of us have time off from our jobs. Some of us travel to spend time with friends and family, and some use the time to enjoy the season. I find joy in the freedom that my vacation provides. I am not on a schedule which dictates when I get up, where I go, and when to go to sleep. I can allow myself the freedom to use the time as I wish, and this brings me great joy. I love this freedom of time, and hope to use this time to form new habits that bring me joy throughout the year.

Where are you finding our joy today?


Day 5 of Joy

I discovered joy in an unusual place today, although it really is all about perspective. I belong to a networking group for women entrepreneurs, and today was one of our regular meetings. I am not always motivated to get to the meetings, but I always leave feeling more knowledgeable than when I got there. This diverse group of women are so smart, savvy, and interesting. It is an amazing experience to be surrounded by so many of them all in one place (and virtually through our online group). I could say they are inspiring, but it is really more than that. You can see the friendships, camaraderie, and the absolute willingness to help others succeed. If that isn’t joyful, then what is? I get to be part of this group, and I couldn’t ask for a better! Thanks Femworking Ladies.

Find your joy!

Day 4 of Joy

Today’s Joy post was going to be about the joy of giving, but I have gotten so many unexpected gifts today (and this week) that I have switched it up to be a post about the joy of receiving. Not the material part of getting presents, but the joy that comes from unexpected surprises. I could be embarrassed to have been caught off guard by these gifts, but instead I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful. These individuals brought me so much joy by their gifts. Not for what they are materially (although I do love them), but how they took the time and effort to show me that they cared. How lucky I am to have so many friends, and such unexpected joy.

Find your joy!


Day 3 of Joy

Sometimes joy can be found so close to us that we forget to really see it every day. I find joy daily with my furry companion. I am responsible for my dog’s life, which makes me responsible for her health, happiness, and daily life. Even with all these responsibilities, she makes me happy every day. She looks at me with those big brown eyes, and I would do almost anything to make her feel loved. I hope yours brings you as much joy as mine brings me.

Find the Joy!

2012-10-10 17.39.50

Day 2 of Joy

Day 2 of Joy shows holiday decorations I found in my neighborhood. I love when my neighbors decorate the outside of their homes. I like the lights when I drive into the community or walk the dog. I have always loved lights and have spent many hours driving around neighborhoods that decorate year after year. I find that holiday lights bring so much joy into the moment. I hope you find the joy in them as well.

Peace and Joy!


Day 2 of Joy

Day 2 of Joy


Day 1 of Joy

Here is my first day of Joy. It doesn’t look like much, but you can see the day was a sunny one. We have had a lot of grey and rainy days here this month, and this sunshine was a wonderful break and brought me so much joy. I hope you find joy in the sunshine today. P1000853