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Helping you as you face the end of life to find some peace and joy

My goal is to help you decide what’s important to you and then to support you in accomplishing what you want to finish your life well.

Personal private coaching enables you to have a space just for you where you can make decisions about what you want at this challenging time.   Everything may not work out exactly as you hope, but you can never have what you want if you don’t truly know what you need.  With my assistance, I believe you can make the decisions that are right for YOU.

What You Can Expect From Coaching

If you are willing, let me help you on your journey to figure out what you want from your passing, what you still need to accomplish in your life, and how to share your wants and needs with your loved ones.

If you want help finding the peace and joy on this journey, you need to be willing to spend some time thinking.  This is concentrated time that you are using expressly for this purpose.  This is not the time when you are bored by the TV show you are watching, or the three minutes between when your head hits the pillow and when you fall asleep, but time devoted to thinking about the questions presented to you.

You will need to make yourself comfortable and sit quietly with these questions.  Bring a pad of paper and a pencil or your computer, so you can write down your answers to the questions.

Don’t Rush Through This Process

I can imagine that in your current frame of mind you don’t want to take the time to go slowly with anything, but this process will be more successful if you don’t rush. Make sure that how you answer the questions today is still true tomorrow.  That doesn’t mean holding off forever, but it does mean giving yourself a little time between when you answer the questions and when you make decisions and a little more time before you share your decisions with your loved ones.

At the end of this journey you will know what you want and don’t want as you transition out of this life.  You will also be supported in having a conversation with those you love to share with them the decisions you have made about the end of your life.  Most importantly, all this work will allow you to have more peace and spiritual healing.

Resource Book

Your Well Finished Life: Find Comfort and Peace on Your Terms, When Facing the End of Your Life will help you figure out what you want for the end of your life, what you still want to accomplish, how to bring yourself joy, how to talk to your family and loved ones about your wishes, and more.

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Contact me today for one-on-one consultations, either in person or via telephone.

Contact me today for personal coaching, either in-person, via skype, by telephone, or with FaceTime.  No matter where you are located, we can work together.  So please feel free to contact me to make an appointment.

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