Don’t wait to say goodbye

Oceans of loveDon’t wait until the last possible moment to tell someone “I love you?” “I will miss you.” “Wow, I wish you weren’t dying, life will not be the same.” Saying a final goodbye means you know someone is dying and you may not see them again.

Why wait till the last time you see someone to tell them how you feel? Who doesn’t want to hear “I love you.” “I will miss you.” “You are so important to me.” “I can’t imagine life without you in it.” Why wait to say whatever it is you need or want to say to someone you love? The only mistake you can make is not speaking from the heart.

Wouldn’t it be worse to wait and miss the opportunity to tell your loved one or friend how you feel? I think that would be much harder to live with than saying what you feel in your heart. Follow your heart, you can’t go wrong!