Presentations for those Thinking About, Facing, or Caring for those with Terminal Illness

How to Talk About Dying

All of us feel overwhelmed by issues that face us at end of life.

Many of us simply lack the experience or a good example of how to talk with someone who is starting the process of dying. We feel helpless trying to navigate a relationship where the reality of terminal illness puts us at a loss for words.

People caring for or caring about a person with a terminal illness have the best intentions. We may want to help fight the disease, put off talking about death, or tiptoe around in silence. But this may actually make life harder for our dying loved one than it needs to be.

Jackie successfully acknowledges charged issues and puts them in context. Jackie transforms negative experiences into learning opportunities allowing the participants to re-frame them into positive ones. – Ann W

In speaking to your group, Jackie Brucker helps you find a safe, calm, focused way to better talk about the issues around dying.

During the presentation, each person has the opportunity to join in dialogue and contribute to group discussion. Jackie provides an interactive setting, which engages adults of all ages in meaningful conversation. The result is a program that is more responsive to each person’s needs than a lecture format.

Jackie is a dynamic speaker, who engages the audience in conversations around tough subjects.  If you are interested in a speaker that can talk with the audience and not at them, Jackie would be great for your group. –Archene T

The presentation takes approximately one hour, and is structured around the needs of your group.  You can provide a program for those facing the end of their life, caregivers, volunteers, or family.

Listen for yourself to a snippet of a conversation Jackie recently had with a group of people just like you.

In one page, see why Jackie can help your group deal with issues around death and dying. Print Jackie’s speaker page below.

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