The Book: Your Well Finished Life

Book on facing terminal illness: Your Well Finished LifeYou are here because you have realized that the end of your life will come sooner than you expected. You have received this news, struggled with it, and now you are facing this new reality.

I am sorry. Your time on earth is limited, and nothing any person can say will make this better.

You can’t change this fact, but you can change how you view and approach the rest of your life. Through this book, I want to help you figure out what is important to you at this point in your life and how to get what you need.

This book will help you think about your medical needs, including what you want at the time of your passing, figure out what personal activities you need to do and which you want to enjoy before you pass, and how to talk about your needs with family and friends.

Relationship Chart

Healing Relationships

Rocks, Pebbles Sand: Determine Your Priorities worksheet

Determining Your Priorities

The simple approach in this book help you sort out your thinking about your own death, and decide what you can do now to take care of yourself. You get a process to help you talk about your comfort, personal priorities, and making peace in your relationships, so your remaining time is as rewarding and peaceful as it can be.

Your Well Finished Life enables you to:

  • See the opportunity now to live out your life on your terms, by taking some simple steps to make it so
  • Find out how to talk to your doctor about managing pain
  • Take steps to review your relationships, and know what do to if you feel burdened by things that are unresolved
  • Choose how to enjoy the time you have left
  • See why the author, an executive coach who helps leaders improve their quality of life, can help you determine what will make the rest of your life quality time.

In her book, Jackie Brucker tackles one of life’s most difficult challenges, thoughtfully planning for your own approaching death…. She approaches even the toughest of tough challenges, telling others about how you wish to manage your dying, using none of the usual platitudes and empty reassurances you might expect.

This is a must read for those facing a diagnosis of terminal illness. I recommend it for anyone facing death, as a guide for planning this life transition with dignity and clarity.

–Kathy F.

How do you know if this book is for you?

First, you have accepted the fact that you are going to pass on. Second, you want to give yourself the best quality of life you can until the end. You are looking for a few simple tools or a process to think through your relationships and decisions about medical care. This simple, brief book on facing terminal illness is an empathetic guide.

What this book is NOT

It is not a book about how to take your own life. It will not help you find someone to assist you in killing yourself, or what mix of medicines will kill you.

The process outlined in this book WILL help you if you have accepted that you are going to die. It shows you a way to make clear decisions at this most challenging phase of your life.

This book shows you a way to find joy, peace and comfort in life now, when you know your time is short.

You may not feel like it at this moment, but you have an opportunity to choose how you want to live out the rest of your life. Your choices have everything to do with the joy, comfort and peace you can experience even as your life ends.

How to Get and Use this Book

The book, Your Well Finished Life: Finding Comfort and Peace on Your Terms, When Facing the End of Your Life is available on

Currently you can find it in Kindle format on Amazon. A print edition will be available as soon as possible.

Your Well Finished Life: Finding comfort and peace on your terms when facing the end of your lifeWhile this is a self-help book to guide your thinking, you don’t have to face this process alone. You can talk through these ideas with family, a friend, or anyone you want to help you work through your thoughts.

$9.99 at Amazon.

What is most important is to know who you are and what you need; there is no time to waste right now. Order Your Well Finished Life on here.